How to make a worksheet

Here will show you step-by-step how to create, edit, assign to students and send feedback.


1) Register as a teacher

Go to HERE and click ‘Start Now’:

Enter your email address and desired password or sign in with your Google account:


















2) Title & Description

Give your worksheet a title.




3) Select a Task Type

Create your first element by selecting a task type. It’s nice to start with a video, image or text.


You can Search for an image online or upload from your computer


After uploading an image, click ‘done’ to save the element and add another. Always make sure to click ‘done’ to save each task to the worksheet.


4) Add Another Task

Next we will add an ‘Open Question’ task to follow the image. Type the question in the Question Box and click ‘done’.




5) Continue Adding Tasks

Add as many task types as you like. You can always make changes by using the edit bar on the upper right hand corner of each task. You can also reorder the elements on the worksheet.



Change card’s position or set the point value:



 7) Description Info

Add descriptive information:

Worksheet info: grade, subject, topic

Tags: any keywords that will help you or others understand more about the worksheet


8) Choose a Design Theme

Choose a theme from the theme gallery on the right hand side.


















9) Save! Save! Save!

The golden rule of computers applies to Wizer worksheets too. Save early and save often to save heartache and frustration.



You did it! See, that wasn’t too hard. You are now officially a UDE teacher (-:

Now that you’ve created and saved your first worksheet, learn how to Assign to Students and Assess Answers.

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